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2021Pritikin, Renny, Renny Pritikin on SFAI’s 150th Anniversary Exhibition,, April 01
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2018Armstrong, Annie, Artists Claim Los Angeles CB1 Gallery Owners Failed to Pay After Art Sold, ARTnews, April 17
 Boucher, Brian, Artists Accuse Dealers at CB1Gallery of Fraud, Artnet, April 17
 Artists Accuse Los Angeles Based Dealers of Poor Business Practices, ARTFORUM, April 18
 Following Allegations of Fraud, CB1 Gallery In Los Angeles Will Close, ARTFORUM, April 22
 Miranda, Carolina, “CB1 Gallery in the Arts District to Close After Artists Allege Nonpayment”, Los Angeles Times, April 20
 Stromberg, Matt “After Artists Reveal pattern of Nonpayment, Los Angeles CB1 Gallery Will Close”, Hyperallergic, April 20
2016Arceneaux, Michael “Art AIDS America Keeps the Door Open on a Difficult, Inspired Chapter of Art History” The Village Voice, August 23, 2016
 Arvanitis, John, “Catastrophe in Provincetown”, Take Magazine, July 20, 2016
2015Wagley, Catherine “Brett Reichman at CB1”, CARLA Contemporary Art Review, LA, December 09
 Miranda, Carolina “Brett Reichman Better Living Through Design at CB1 Gallery” Datebook, LATimes.
 Tiven, Lucy, “Art, AIDS, and Domesticity in Crisis in Brett Reichman’s ‘Better Living Through Design”, Entertainment Voice,
 Wood, Eve, “Brett Reichman pick of the week reviews”, Artillary, December 03,
 Upchurch, Michael, “How AIDS Changed American Art: Tacoma Art Museum show charts responses to the HIV crisis”, The Seattle Times, October 18
2010Baker, Kenneth, “Reichman and Sherwood at Anglim”, San Francisco Chronicle, September 11, page E3
 Beltran, JD. “Silence, Exile, and Cunning”, SFGate City Brights , July 21
2008Vogel, Traci, Time in a Bottle, SF Weekly, July 9-15 Volume 27, Number 24
 Killian, Kevin, “Kevin Killian Presents Kiki Gallery : A Year or Two of Crazy Art Making”, Dennis Cooper Blog, July 5,
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2000Bonetti, David, “Painting Show Evokes Movements”, San Francisco Examiner, January 07, ppC7
1999“Dove va l’arte Duemila?”, Tema Celeste, November-December, No 76
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1997Berk, Amy, “A Conversation with Brett Reichman,” Artweek, September, vol. 28 p. 9
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1991Bonetti, David, “Childlike Show Reveals Artist’s Hidden Elf,”San Francisco Examiner, November 29
 Out/Look, Fall, p 1
 Watten, Barrett, “Camp Mythologies,” Artweek, December 5
1990Abbott, Steve, “Gay Iconography ‘In Context,'” Bay Area Reporter, Sept. 20
1989Baker, Kenneth, “Painter’s Show: Fobbo Boffo,” San Francisco Chronicle, March 4
1987Helfand, Glen, “Connecting with Four Emerging Local Artist,” SanFrancisco Sentinel, February 6
Catalogues and Publications (selected)
2023Mousse Magazine, Issue 85 Fall 2023, Criticism: Platforming Something Terrible by MYSTI, page 173
 Coming Attractions: The John Waters Collection, Baltimore Museum of Art
2017Writers Who Love Too Much: New Narrative 1977-1997, edited by Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian, cover image.
 Oberon 3, edited by Robert Gluck, Das Platforms,
2016A Conversation on the State of Queer Art, Art + Effect, San Francisco Art Institute
2015Art AIDS America, Tacoma Museum, University of Washington Press
2008Pacific Light: A Survey of California Watercolor 1908-2008, Nordic Watercolor Museum (Nordiska Akvarellmuseet), Skärhamn, Sweden
2007Untitled Publication (Red Square), Hudson, Feature Inc., New York
2003Art-A Sex Book, John Waters and Bruce Hainley
2002Art in Embassies, United States Department of State; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, United States Embassy, Paris, France
1998Brett Reichman: It’s Hard to be Happy, Orange County Museum, Newport Beach, CA
1997Bay Area Now, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
 About Face, Transamerica Corporation
1995In A Different Light, Berkeley Art Museum, Lawerence Rinder and Nayland Blake
1993The Return of the Cadavre Exquise, The Drawing Center, New York
1991Situation, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA
1990Que Overdose!, Mincher Wilcox Gallery